A Creighton Story: The benefits of charting in singlehood

Ellen - NFP Story - CreightonI was introduced to the Creighton Model two years ago when several of my friends began using the method before they got married. Four months ago, I started using the model when my friend invited me to be one of her clients while she was learning to teach the Creighton Model. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to learn more as well as be proactive about my reproductive health. Charting alerted me that I may have some infertility issues that need to be addressed. Using the model has made me much more appreciative of the complexities of human reproduction, and in turn, I have a newfound respect for my own sexuality.

– Ellen


Figuring out how to manage a credit card might be the best step to take if you know that you may not be able to keep up with payments. You could simply pay off the balance you owe at the end of the month, or, if you already have a bank account, use that instead.

Instead, you should be paying off your debt on a regular basis to maintain your credit score, which in turn will keep your interest rate low. And that goes for other types of credit cards, too, such as revolving lines of credit that allow you to pay them off on a regular basis.

How Much Does It Cost to Keep Your Credit Report Free of Errors?

Credit Score: Is Your Credit Score Right for You? If you browse around this website, you will figure out that credit scores, which are derived from the information on your credit report, are a crucial tool for credit card and mortgage lenders to evaluate whether you are a good credit risk. They determine the length of time that you will be able to get a loan and, in some cases, the interest rate that you will pay. Even though it’s not guaranteed to improve your score, this article offers several steps that can make a difference in how your credit report is displayed to lenders.

According to professionals from companies like the one at https://www.sofi.com/credit-card/, when your score is low, it’s hard for you to get a loan and it can hinder your credit score. The average credit score is around 760.

For those who suffer with a low credit score, it can be hard to qualify for an account that may open the door for you to make payments, open a credit card or save money on a mortgage.

In order to prevent the damage being done to your credit score, it is best to keep a close eye on your credit report every now and then. You should take additional steps to improve your score and not simply rely on the credit score in a negative light. This article will help you understand how to improve your credit report for the first time, without having to go to the same place several times.