Meet Our Team

The Twin Cities FertilityCare Center is one of the first teaching centers established in the United States. Officially incorporated in 1975, it was then known as the Twin Cities Natural Family Planning Center. The purpose was to provide the highest quality instruction in natural family planning through education in the original Billings Ovulation Method. In 1978, the Twin Cities Center adopted the Creighton Model standardization for teacher (practitioner) training and client education.

Because of the standardization of the method, great advances have been made by researchers under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Hilgers at the Saint Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. Progress has been made in the identification and treatment of many reproductive disorders afflicting women from adolescence to menopause. To reflect those medical advances, the current name was adopted in 1999. The system continues to be an excellent method to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, but now has the added component of being an excellent reproductive health monitoring tool for women.

Currently, the Twin Cities FertilityCare Center is served by eight practitioners teaching across the metro area.

The Twin Cities FertilityCare Center is affiliated with the FertilityCare Centers of America.