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For over four decades Twin Cities FertilityCareTM has offered compassionate, evidence-based natural family planning and fertility awareness instruction to women and couples.

Your generous financial contribution to our work allows us to:

  • Offer discounted instruction to clients experiencing financial difficulty.
  • Provide scholarships to motivated women who wish to attend a Creighton Model practitioner education program.
  • Send our practitioners to the FertilityCareTM Centers of America Annual Meeting. Held every summer, this multi-day event brings together Creighton Model practitioners and medical consultants from around the country (and the globe!) to learn about advancements in the field and to support one another’s professional work.

By making a tax-deductible monetary donation, you stand with Twin Cities FertilityCareTM Center in supporting this important work in the community. Click the below icon to donate via Paypal or mail us a check at:

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