Creighton Model

The Creighton Model FertilityCare System™ is a method of natural family planning and fertility awareness. Backed by over 40 years of scientific research, Creighton empowers women to make routine observations of their biological markers (primarily cervical mucus) in order to more fully understand their individual patterns of fertility and to make healthy reproductive choices.

The Creighton Model is not birth control. Rather, it is a holistic and evidenced-based method of fertility awareness that helps women to identify patterns of fertility and infertility in order to successfully achieve or avoid a pregnancy with a high level of success. Rather than suppressing a woman’s fertility, the Creighton Model empowers women and couples to understand their unique fertility and to identify potential reproductive health concerns in order to seek treatment. 

The Creighton Model:

  • Is supported by four decades of scientific research
  • Is taught by well-trained practitioners who offer individualized instruction specific to your needs
  • Can be used to achieve or avoid a pregnancy, or simply to monitor and maintain reproductive health
  • Is standardized, easy to learn, and inexpensive relative to other forms of family planning
  • Is free from side effects that commonly come with hormonal contraceptives
  • Is usable across a diversity of cycles (regular, irregular, postpartum/breastfeeding, premenopausal, coming off of hormonal contraceptives, etc.)
  • Cultivates healthy relationships because both the man and the woman are involved in the family planning process.