Creighton Model

This is an advanced educational technology that works with the woman’s natural cycles of fertility and infertility. In this way, a couple can decide to use the system to either acheive or avoid a pregnancy in any given cycle. Women also have the benefit of monitoring and maintaining their own gynecological health.

This system is designed for women to use with regular cycles, irregular cycles, breast-feeding cycles, or during the peri-menopausal time. It can be used throughout the woman’s entire reproductive years, and is a natural system that cooperates with her body, not against it.

The system is easy to learn with proper instruction. The Twin Cities FertilityCare™ Center has several qualified FertilityCare™ Practitioners who give instruction in various locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area. The introductory session is the first of a series of classes. It is a general overview of the system, and is taught in a small group setting. The following eight sessions are individual meetings (follow-ups) between you and your practitioner which occur over the course of the year. See below for the follow-up schedule in reference to the intro session date.

First Follow-up —————————————- Two Weeks

Second Follow-up ————————————- Four Weeks

Third Follow-up ————————————— Six Weeks

Fourth Follow-up ————————————- Eight Weeks

Fifth Follow-up —————————————- Three Months

Sixth Follow-up ————————————— Six Months

Seventh Follow-up ———————————— Nine Months

Eighth Follow-up ————————————– Twelve Month

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