Creighton Model Follow Up Schedule

The system is easy to learn with proper instruction. The Twin Cities FertilityCare™ Center has several qualified FertilityCare™ Practitioners who give instruction in various locations throughout the Twin Cities metro area. The introductory session is the first of a series of classes. It is a general overview of the system, and is taught in a small group setting. The following eight sessions are individual meetings (follow-ups) between you and your practitioner which occur over the course of the year. See below for the follow-up schedule in reference to the intro session date.

First Follow-up —————————————- Two Weeks

Second Follow-up ————————————- Four Weeks

Third Follow-up ————————————— Six Weeks

Fourth Follow-up ————————————- Eight Weeks

Fifth Follow-up —————————————- Three Months

Sixth Follow-up ————————————— Six Months

Seventh Follow-up ———————————— Nine Months

Eighth Follow-up ————————————– Twelve Month

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