Infertility Solutions

Infertility is a symptom of underlying disease. The diseases that cause infertility not only hinder the functioning of fertility, but they also can cause short and long-term health problems. The persistent unwillingness to address infertility problems from this perspective is one of the major flaws in the current approaches to treatment. In-vitro fertilization “skips over” the causes and acts as a band-aid approach to treatment.

In contrast, the NaProTechnology approach to the infertile couple has the following goals:

  1. It works toward assessing the underlying causes of the reproductive problem.
  2. It allows for the treatment of the issue.
  3. It assists the couple in achieving a pregnancy while maintaining the natural acts of procreation.
  4. If the treatment program is unsuccessful, research into the unknown causes is undertaken.
  5. If medically unsuccessful, the program will assist with successful family building by being supportive of adoption.

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