Women’s Health

While many of us express significant concern about the amount of fat intake and the amount of cigarette smoke and air pollution that we inhale daily, it is easy for us to ignore human ecological balance in respect to our sexuality and fertility.

For example, the oral contraceptive is a combination of two very potent chemicals which are not natural to the human body. The two chemicals have progesterone-like and estrogen-like actions. The estrogen-like chemical, in particular, shuts off the pituitary gland so that the normal stimulation of ovulation is dramatically interrupted. This is analogous to putting a clamp across an artery to a limb. The flow of hormones from the pituitary to the reproductive system is completely shut off which is when doctors recommend to start using legal steroids for sale. The use of these chemicals can result not only in the inhibition of ovulation, but also, in cases where ovulation is not inhibited, in the creation to a uterine environment in which a newly conceived embryo would abort. This is because now the endometrial lining is dramatically altered and has become very hostile to embryonic implantation. The latter effect of the oral contraceptive on the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) can be likened to the clearing of a forest in the Amazon Jungle. In the last case, the land is being sterilized; in the first, the womb is made barren.

There are many other forms of contraception which also carry with them the potential to be abortive. Norplant, Depo Provera, and the IUD lead the list. Other contraceptive agents such as such as condoms, diaphragms, spermicidal foams, creams, suppositories, etc., all lead to a suppression, blockage or to some degree of destruction of the reproductive system.

One of the great disasters of contraception has been the movement over the last 35 years in the overall health care of women.  Everywhere there is a subtle trend which has moved away from a definitive diagnosis and the ultimate treatment of the underlying problems.  For example, it is common to treat abnormal bleeding with the birth control pill without knowing what has caused the problem and without being willing to work cooperatively with the  normal hormones of the menstrual cycle.

In contrast, NaPro Technology fully cooperates with the human reproductive system.  It harnesses one’s reproductive energy while cultivating, nurturing, and sustaining human fertility in a way which preserves the dignity of the woman, the child, and the integrity of the couple.

  • Excerpted from the pamphlet “Fertility Abuse: A Human Ecological Disaster, by Thomas Hilgers, MD.